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      • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that support the wav file format
      • Organized by type: Bass, Drones, Percussion, Sequences, & Textures
      • Large range of BPMs ranging from 80 - 120
      • Offered as a Complete Bundle of 75 loops
      • PortaTron version Consists of 75+ loops & 20 Cassette Presets


      FreqZ and TweakZ
      FreqZ and TweakZ is a collection of 75 stereo loops made with sought after Buchla synthesizers, sound machines widely coveted within the synth crowd. These loops plunge the depths of the esoteric, giving live and studio producers fathoms of unique and unheard material for extramural creation.

      When most people think synthesizer, they conjure up images of wood enclosure machines emitting those familiar synth sounds developed out of New York in the 1960s. Few know that while the East Coast philosophy was in its embryo stage, a West Coast inventor was bent on taking synthesis on an entirely different technological trajectory, creating new sounds in a unique aesthetic pursuit. FreqZ and TweakZ embodies that pursuit, boasting unfamiliar and unconventional sounds for producers and filmmakers dedicated to exploring the obscure.

      While East Coast synthesis depends on frequency subtraction to get the desired sound, Don Buchla founded the West Coast school on additive synthesis and wave shaping, concepts that value experimentation over predictability. Buchla fans have been known to spend countless hours searching for an ideal aural result. FreqZ and TweakZ features sounds and timbres only classic Buchla machines like the Dodecamodule and Twisted Waveform Generator can emanate. After capturing the most inspiring and capricious products of strenuous experimentation, we carefully tailored them for immediate integration into your creative production project.

      Buchla’s counter-culture approach to synthesis favors quick percussive sounds, naturalistic and surprising. In creating FreqZ and TweakZ, we brought these together with otherworldly frequencies, trippy signals, robotic chirps, metallic throbs, and fluttering rhythms. The tracks are colored with  unbleached ambient effects that open up into space, some treated with throaty distortion for every genre style. Today’s projects demand a touch of something really different—even hard to find—to set a producer’s work apart. FreqZ and TweakZ has everything for composers experimenting with alternative bearings and expanded aural consciousness, producers looking to draw attention to a piece with striking elements, and freethinkers who thrive on both organic and synthetic realities.


      FreqZ and TweakZ - Complete Bundle

      • 75 x 24/441 total loops
      • Organized by type: Bass, Drones, Percussion, Sequences, & Textures
      • Long evolving loops - 32 seconds to over 60 seconds 
      • 905+ mb

      FreqZ and TweakZ - PortaPack for Portatron

      • Compatible with Robotic Bean’s Portratron
      • Consists of 75+ loops & 20 Cassettes
      • Categorized by sound type
      • Wide variety of tempos and keys

      Equipment Used:

      • Buchla 259e Twisted Waveform Generator
      • Buchla Easel Command
      • Buchla 258r Dual Oscillator
      • Buchla 212r Dodeca module
      • Buchla 257r Dual Voltage Processor
      • Buchla 216r Touch Controlled Voltage Source

      *drum loop heard in video is from our Ombra Drum library