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      • 64 presets split into 2 packs of 32
      • Presets for the UDO Super 6 Synthesizer
      • Wide variety of types...pads, arps, bass, sfx, drones, etc
      • perfect for a blend of vintage tones with a modern twist


      Too often, modern synthesis involves either emulating classic sounds point for point or rejecting them altogether for something more original. UDO Audio brings traditional and modern together with their Super 6 synth, and SonalSystem has teamed up with electronic music juggernaut Redstripedown to create a new preset pack of familiar sounds you can take into the future.

      The Super 6 is a 12 voice polyphonic, binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer with an old school keyboard look. Our 64 presets insert brand new original drones, pads, keys, and atmospheres which all feel richly familiar. That’s where the fun begins. Commanding the Super 6’s flexible modulation capabilities, you can take the classic sounds to a more modern place, making them totally your own.

      The coupling of digital oscillators and analog technology bring conventional tones to modern heights and dynamic depths, all without having to navigate menus. Our textural and single note patches are also all tailor made for the stereo imaging capabilities of the synth, which create rich spaces ranging from subtle to extreme stereo movement.

      Time-honored foundational synth tones, meticulous sound design, and your own knob-and-fader mastery come together to sculpt your next gutsy composition or production. Get “MOMENTS” today and your Super 6 will eat it up. 

      • If you like: classic sounds, Roland Junos, binaural sound
      • Use in: cinematic scores, ambient productions, electronic pop music


      Moments "Time & Space" - Super 6 Presets

      • 64 Total Presets 
      • 8 Banks with 8 Presets per bank

      Moments "Time" - Super 6 Presets

      • 32 Total Presets 
      • 4 Banks with 8 Presets per bank
      • Emphasis on expansive movement 

      Moments "Space" - Super 6 Presets

      • 32 Total Presets 
      • 4 Banks with 8 Presets per bank
      • Emphasis on lush evolving sounds