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      • Premium presets for Ableton Live's Operator
      • Emphasis on ethereal, ambient, evolving sounds
      • Complex routing schemes of modulation, effects, and Macros for evolving sounds
      • 25 Presets designed with full instrument rack configurations
      • Compatible with Ableton Live 11 Suite Version


      Sector 52 - Presets for Ableton Operator

      Welcome to Sector 52: a dark labyrinth where danger lies around every corner. These 25 presets for Operator are designed for you to produce shadowy sequences that maintain both tension and curiosity.

      • If you like: large evolving sounds; epic vibes; film scores; trailer sounds
      • Use in: cinematic scores, ambient productions, electronic pop


      • 25 Presets with contained in powerful instrument rack configurations 
      • Rack configurations consist of effects, EQ, and assigned macros