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      • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that support the wav file format
      • Analog drum loops from clean to processed with a variety of all analog equipment
      • Large range of BPMs ranging from 80 - 150
      • Offered as a Complete Bundle of 111 loops + 400 spliced loops or Individual Sets from Clean, FX, and Dirty+FX containing 37 loops each
      • 1.7 GB Total in Complete Bundle
      • Sample Drum Edition contains project files, spliced files, and CV mappings


      Clean to Filthy
      The Good the Bad and the Ugly is a collection of 105 original-design loops for producers who work in heavy, impressive percussion. These loops were made with big bass, noise and grime, ideal for strikingly emotive music and soundtrack productions. Each loop comes in three uniquely affected versions, giving you tons of creative percussive elements to work with, from clean to destroyed.

      A beat is only ever as strong as its source. We recorded The Good the Bad and the Ugly with the Drummer from Another Mother (DFAM), Moog’s powerful member of their synthesizer family. An incredibly dynamic tool, DFAM makes pure analog sequencing dreams come true with wide-range oscillation and a classic Moog ladder filter. Processed through our collection of outboard analog effects, the beats we designed explode with heavy pulses and resounding bass, ready for grinding electronic music and intense cinematic scenes.

      Powerful characters always have layers of personality; these loops play out in three forms. The clean version gives you the sounds just as the DFAM produced them, pure analog beats with creative rhythms. The effects version sends these loops through dark atmospheres, opening up rich echos and ambient reverbs for evolving industrial impacts. The third version is trashed, torn apart with spatial and distortion effects. These dirty loops are stylishly harsh and fabulously lo-fi, with crushed and mangled components.

      The clean loops are infectious and can easily elevate a track, as is. They also make a fantastic starting point for creatives who get thrills manipulating sound through their own favorite effects chain. The “Bad” and “Ugly” versions of The Good the Bad and the Ugly crave application in suspense and apocalyptic storylines. They are the beats of the rising resistance, the terrifying chase, and the final battle. Film and game composers will find instant inspiration as they delve into these heavy percussive accents.


      The Good The Bad and The Ugly - Individual Packs

      • 37 x 24/441 total loops
      • 1 loop presented as Clean, FX, or Dirty+FX
      • Organized by BPMs 80 - 150
      • 290+ mb

      The Good The Bad and The Ugly - Complete Bundle

      • 111 x 24/441 total "Full" loops
      • 400 x 24/441 total "Spliced" loops*
      • 1 loop presented 3 ways (Clean, FX, Dirty+FX)
      • Organized by BPMs 80 - 150
      • 1.7+ GB

      The Good The Bad and The Ugly - Polyend Tracker Edition

      • 111 x 16/441 MONO total "Full" loops
      • 400 x 16/441 MONO total "Spliced" loops*
      • 1 loop presented 3 ways (Clean, FX, Dirty+FX)
      • Organized by BPMs 80 - 150
      • 590+ mb

      The Good The Bad and The Ugly - Sample Drum Edition

      • 400 x 16/48 MONO total "Spliced" loops*
      • 1 loop presented 3 ways (Clean, FX, Dirty+FX)
      • Projects Organized by BPMs 80 - 150
      • 33 Sample Drum Project Files
      • 645+ mb

      *These are spliced versions of the full loops contained in the complete bundle.