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      • Premium presets for New Fangled Audio's Generate and Pendulate
      • Complex routing schemes of LFO, S&H, and Macros for evolving sounds
      • Categorized by type: Bass, Drones, Leads, Motion, and Pads
      • 25 FREE Presets for Pendulate 
      • 75 for Generate  
      • Enhanced sound manipulation with MPE mappings. 

      *designed with the Sensel Morph 


      Ground Zero for Creative Expeditions
      SonalSystem is proud to announce Disa-Rayd, a set of original presets for Newfangled Audio’s Generate synth. Generate is a massive sound generator with new-era tone agitating power, and Disa-Rayd is the perfect place to start—these presets are destined to inspire and take you to new creative directions. Disa-Rayd covers all kinds of thematic territory, yet the presets all bear the texturally emotive signature for which SonalSystem is known. 

      Infinite Sensory Morph
      Disa-Rayd includes 75 presets specially designed for Generate, the polysynth built on double pendulum theory to create starkly unique yet highly musical and usable sounds. Generate is rich with dynamic filters, mod and ambient effects, and creative sequencing to bring never-before-heard sounds to work using internal or MIDI/MPE control. Our Disa-Rayd presets give you all the anxious space, pensive grit, and curious intrigue you need to make your compositions stand out. 

      Free Pendulate Edition
      Disa-Rayd is also available as a free pack, tailor made for Newfangled Audio’s monosynth version of Generate, Pendulate. Pendulate is a hefty sound machine in its own right, loaded with movement and chaotic potential. Our special version of Disa-Rayd was created just for Pendulate and features the unmistakable attitude of SonalSystem in every one of the 25 presets, a real treat for the synth-head always on the lookout for something totally unique. 


      • 75 Presets categorized by type for Generate
      • 25 Presets categorized by type for Pendulate
      • Intricate MPE mappings for both versions
      • Enhanced versions of the Pendulate presets are included in the Generate pack