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      • Premium presets for Xfer Record's Serum
      • Emphasis on LoFi, ambient, evolving sounds
      • Complex sounds designed to take advantage of Serum's unique capabilities
      • Categorized by type: Atmosphere, Drone, Pad, SFX, and Texture
      • 50 Presets designed with expressiveness in mind  
      • Enhanced sound manipulation with MPE mappings. 

      * 1st in a series of presets for both software and hardware synths


      The sun descends and darkness creeps in. Time slows down and shadows gather with a foreboding sense of what the night may hold. Brave the darkness with Nightfall, 60 new presets for Serum, the powerful engine-driven advanced wavetable synthesizer from Xfer Records. This collection of presets is prepped to take your cinematic project to brooding depths where anxious and pensive feelings rule.

      Producers in search of grave, ambient moods, look no further. Nightfall features the slow pulsing sounds of darkness, weighty and nervous. These presets dwell in massive lo-fi spaces, providing billowing clouds of murky hues to color melancholy scenes and ruminating characters. The sounds of Nightfall draw upon emotive frequencies to deliver a full range of eerie, apprehensive, and even dreadful premonitions. Sound designers will find an incredible palette of dark undertones for brooding and pensive plots, capturing the intensity of turmoil, the pressure of despair, and the weight of the unknown.

      Nightfall was specifically designed for the wavetable morphing capabilities that makes Serum unique. Within Serum’s powerful manipulation platform, these presets can be played out in magnificent original form or even made to take on a life of their own. Nightfall is also pre-mapped for MPE, so producers can employ MPE-ready controllers to add new dimensions to the long, evolving preset sounds. Using your own hands to create blooms and swells, personalize groans and whooshes, or determine degrees of dark agitation, makes your creative masterpiece unquestionably yours.

      Keep watch for new Nightfall presets coming to other hardware synths and VST instruments soon, as Nightfall for Serum is just the first installment of our series based product packs. We are excited to be offering new-themed original preset packs in series form, available for use across various hardware and software platforms for greater expression and originality.


      • 50 Presets categorized by type
      • MPE controls pre-mapped*
      • for Xfer Record's Serum

      *These 50 presets work in Serum with or without an MPE controller.