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      • Presets for Elektron's Digitone
      • Wide variety of types...pads, arps, bass, six, perc, etc
      • perfect for adding a darker vibe to productions


      Cine_mod is a collection of 50+ presets for Elektron’s groundbreaking synth Digitone created by Cory Sterling aka redstripedown. These patches grant entrance to a world full of slow haunting movement, steadily building forces, and rhythmically driving pulses, perfect for dark gaming, film, and even documentary production. Deep textures, pensive pads, and maltreated sound FX set the backdrop for a million suspenseful scenes. Unique bass, lead, and arpeggios give composers and soundtrackers a full palette of nuanced details to color their anti-hero’s inner struggle. Further FM manipulation within Digitone makes these presets even more expressive so you can add your personal signature to every composition. 


      cine_mod - Presets for Digitone

      • 50+ Digitone Presets
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