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      • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that support the wav file format
      • A wide variety or analog / digital drum machines, and effects sampled.
      • Offered as a complete bundle or Individual One Shot Kits
      • Ombra "Light" and "Dark" one shot kits offered as both stereo and mono formats suitable for a wide variety of samplers such as the Elektron Model Samples, Digitakt, Octatrack, and Analog Rytm.
      • Polyend Tracker & Sample Drum Editions contain files specifically formatted for these devices.


      When it comes to the dance floor, sometimes any beat will do. But those exploring complex sampling and experimenting with avant-garde textures need rhythms that mesh with thoughtful instrumentation. Ombra is a prolific collection of 100 original drum loops / 172 One Shots ready to serve as the starting point for your next new movement. This assortment covers various tempos and styles, and each loop is uniquely inspiring for creating rhythms both intelligent and primal. 

      The Ombra pack features 100 fresh drum loops but casts a shadow over half of the loops.

      The first 50 loops "Ombra - Dark" are processed with a studio ready, “expensive” drum sound. These beats —richly compressed and spatially tailored—are ready for immediate entry into a thumping body of work.

      The other 50 loops "Ombra - Light" also pound hard but are otherwise unaffected. These unshadowed loops are a prime canvas for creatives who prefer to start from scratch. This half of Ombra lies in wait for your own personal dash of filters, distortion, delay, or whatever other daring thing you might throw at your beats.

      For many inventive producers, starting from scratch means starting from the individual hits themselves. That’s why Ombra also includes 170+ one shots pulled directly from the drum loops. Each hit is a hi-res capsule of cadence, easily manipulated, modulated, or reversed. These one shots are especially at home in Elecktron’s Model Samples, Digitakt, Octatrack, and Analog Rytm, and any other sampler that accepts WAV samples. 

      Whatever irons you have in the fire, Ombra loops have something for everyone forging IDM, neurofunk, and tech house tracks. It’s easy to make these beats your own and take them across genres.


      Offered as 1 Complete Bundle or 2 Individual Packs of one shots

      Ombra - Complete Bundle

      • 100 x 24/441 loops 
      • 172 x 24/441 one shots
      • 172 x 16/48 one shots

      Ombra - Complete Bundle for Polyend Tracker

      • 100 x 16/441 loops 
      • 172 x 16/441 one shots

      Ombra - Light *

      • 80 x 24/441 Stereo one shots
      • 80 x 16/48 Mono one shots

      Ombra - Dark *

      • 92 x 24/441 Stereo one shots
      • 92 x 16/48 Mono one shots

      Ombra - Sample Drum Edition

      • 100 loops
      • 172 one shots
      • 8 Project Files
      • Full CV and Project Mappings

      *The sound files for these pack are formatted for Elektron's Model:Samples, and are also compatible with any sampler that can handle wav files such as the Elektron Digitakt, Analog RYTM, and Octatrack to name a few.