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      • Multi Format available for eurorack modular and hardware samplers
      • hundreds of embedded cue points for endless options
      • "plug and play" with presets ready for BitBox / Blackbox / or Sample Drum
      • available as a download (you provide the microSD) or physical product shipped to you.
      • Sample Drum Edition with project files, spliced files, CV mappings



      Break Beet Roots is a collection of carefully crafted grooves embodying the iconic feel and sound of the highly influential Break Beat genre.


      Break beats were originally conceived by jazz drummers as a pause in a song right before the next instrumentalist played a solo. Problem was, by the time disco hit, people didn’t want to get to the next part of the song−they wanted to hear that head-bobbing break beat over and over!

      Wasn’t long before 70s and 80s DJs devised ways to get break beats looped from record to record. Soon after, hip-hop artists got busy dubbing over break beats. Other scenes quickly caught on, taking these grooves to new directions to get big beat, progressive breaks, acid breaks, etc.

      Break Beets Roots is a course through the classic break beats of vintage soul, 70s funk, boom bap, and hip-hop history. Instantly recognizable yet eternally fresh, these break beats are ripe for integration into your next rhythmic invention.


      We laid down Break Beets Roots in an all analog studio the way they were done back in the day: on a funky trap set with vintage mics through a vintage console. Then, a splash of spring reverb for good measure.
      The feel of these grooves is undeniable, with tempos for all occasions ranging from 70-120BPM. You get all the beats and fills, played like they were meant to be.


      Break out these 200 unique loops each available in 4 intuitive cue point variations for a total of 800 loops of history’s most iconic break beats and fills.

      Then get ready to put your Beats in the blender! This pack was specially edited for use in eurorack modules and sample based hardware, embedded and pre-sliced at predefined time signatures for plug and play integration with popular eurorack modules like the 1010 Bitbox / Blackbox, Make Noise Morphagene, Qu-Bit Nebulae, and other microSD equipped gear.

      These classic beats are inspiring and come out fresh after being squeezed, filtered, crushed, morphed, and or modulated through your favorite hardware modules. This is your chance to push your gear to the limit and create something totally unique.


      microSD for 1010 music BitBox / Black Box / & Generic Samplers* 

      • 32/48 Stereo Loops
      • 90+ 32/48 Single Hits
      4 variations of cue points per individual loop
      • No Cue Points
      • 1/2 Note Embedded Cue Points
      • 1/4 Note Embedded Cue Points
      • 1/8 Note Embedded Cue Points

      Sample Drum Edition

      • 200+ spliced loops
      • 90+ one shots
      • 6 Projects organized by BPM
      • CV Mappings

      *Compatible with any hardware sampler that supports the wav file format in stereo 32 Bit 48 KHz resolution, can navigate nested folders**, and accepts microSD cards. ie: Morphagene by Make Noise and BitBox / BlackBox by 1010 Music, 4MS STS, etc.

      **Tested on and designed with the latest firmwares available at the time of this writing for the Morphagene, Bitbox, & Sample Drum.

      ***some features require the use of a usb microSD Card reader to recover files, move files, etc. These are available in most electronic stores and readily available on Amazon.