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      • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that support the wav file format
      • A wide variety of guitars, pedals, effects, and synths recorded straight to 4 track.
      • Huge range of KEYS and BPMs ranging from 80 - 125
      • Offered as a complete bundle of 99 loops


      Subdued Sounds for Minimal Soundscapes
      4 Track Cinema is a collection of guitar loops and synths gently crafted for ambient and chilled-out backdrops. Smooth and un-paced, channeling the warmth and grittiness of tape, these loops are a soothing tranquilizer for an anxious and burnt-out world. 

      There is something sublime in the barely noticeable pulse of music that floats between purpose and leisure, and that bridges yesterday and today. The slow tempo and non-committal ambience unwinds you, padding you for genuine conversation, casual study, or self-absorbed thought.

      4 Track Cinema loops drip with nostalgia and are ready for you to layer into a premeditated storyline sketch, or to fashion into a purposefully shapeless song expressly written to not grab attention. There are scenes in every great cinematic feature that need a slow-down, a flashback, or a deep dream. And there is often profound comfort in hearing a song that seemingly subliminal.

      Though we created the 4 Track Cinema loops to obscure the lines of time and place, this collection represents a recognizable vitality in stark contrast to simplistic pads. Our guitars and synthesizers were played with human hands through an all-analog signal path and finally recorded to tape. 

      The sounds of 4 Track Cinema are new, yet they are reminiscent and poetic. The loops suggest continuity and are emotive without being deliberate. The discerning composer or film maker will find moods and scenery begging to be explored, joined, and understood right out of the box. Layer and morph the loops to let your inspired but unassuming character become uniquely differentiated. 


      4 Track Cinema - Complete Bundle

      • 99 x 24/441 loops (an assortment of guitars and synths)
      • Organized by BPMs 80 - 125
      • 547+ mb

      Equipment Used:

      Roland CE-301 Chorus Echo, Roland CE-201 Space Echo, Boss DM-2 Analog Delay, Eventide H9, Eventide Space, BSS De-Esser, DPR 402, Boss DD-3 Digital Delay, Helios Type 69 Pre/EQ, Neve 1073, UA Teletronix LA-2A, Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112, Roland Jazz Chorus, JC-120, DBX 160, Gretsch Streamliner, Fender Japanese Stratocaster, Roland Juno 106, Dave Smith Prophet 12, Elektron Analog Keys, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Tascam 424 mkii