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      • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that support the wav file format
      • A wide variety of BPMs, Keys, and parts to choose from like drones, sequences, grooves, arps, textures,etc. 
      • Offered as a complete bundle of 150 loops total or 3 individual libraries containing 50 loops each..
      • PortaTron version Consists of 50+ loops & 20 Cassette Presets


      Orbit - Ambient LoFi is a trinity of ambient sound collections covering an expansive range of emotion, each impressed by the dreamy quality for which lofi is adored. Immersed in analog tape, stompbox effects, and modular and standalone synthesis, these dusky sound abstractions are ideal for any cinematic or creative production.

      Dark features shadowy cinematic textures, rolling out intriguing drones and building long, evolving passages.

      Light unfurls modular magic to deliver saturated, nostalgic textures in intimate layers that form more complete parts.

      Melodic gravitates towards the musical, accentuating melodic elements played with vintage and classic synthesizers in a relaxed fashion that somehow always seems familiar.


      Orbit - Ambient LoFi - Complete Bundle

      • 150 x 24/441 loops
      • Organized by BPM, Type, and Style
      • 1.8+ Gb

      Orbit - Ambient LoFi - Light

      • 50 x 24/441 loops
      • Organized by BPM, Type, and Style
      • 530+ MB

      Orbit - Ambient LoFi - Dark

      • 50 x 24/441 loops
      • Organized by BPM, Type, and Style
      • 990+ MB

      Orbit - Ambient LoFi - Melodic

      • 50 x 24/441 loops
      • Organized by BPM, Type, and Style
      • 375+ MB

      Orbit - Ambient LoFi - Dark, Light, Melodic - PortaPacks

      • Compatible with Robotic Bean’s Portratron
      • Each Consists of 75+ loops & 20 Cassettes
      • Categorized by sound type
      • Wide variety of tempos and keys