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      • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that support the wav file format
      • A wide variety of one shots to choose from like Braams, Combos, Transitions, & Hits 
      • Offered as a complete bundle of 105 one shots


      Get ready for the epic blasts, bangs, and braams of the next summer blockbuster! Cinematic Hits is a smashing, crashing collection of huge, bombastic movie trailer ready sounds. Heavy with massive hits, edge-of-your-seat transitions, dynamic combos, and powerful braams, this pack delivers the on-cue elements needed to make anxious viewers wonder if this time we might not overcome the apocalyptic threat. Carefully recorded and processed for a larger-than-life sound, Cinematic hits is designed for TV, ad, game, and movie producers to rapture the attention of an adrenaline-rush ready audience.


      Rapture - Cinematic Hits

      • 105 x 24/441 one shots
      • Organized by Type
      • 195+ mb