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      • Offered as 26 Premium presets for Arturia's Pigments 4
      • Vintage inspired sounds with modern elements
      • Leads, Bass, Pads, Keys, Sequences, Arpeggios


      The question of how rapid technological and cultural upheaval will lead to a decayed, dystopian future has always intrigued filmmakers. The scores that match these stories of lowlife and high tech have become cult classics among dark trenchcoat loving fans worldwide.

      Our new collection 2049 gives you 26 presets for Arturia’s innovative soft-synth Pigments. 2049 is loaded with pulse-racing arpeggios, sequences, pads, bass, and SFX perfect for post-industrial dystopias and near-future cyber fiction. Going further into Pigments 4.0’s enhanced Wavetable engine ring mod and PWM, extra Harmonic engine phase options, and streamlined Unison controls, you can create something deeply original from these presets to pen your own iconic worldscape.


      Temporal : Presets for Pigments 4

      • Offered as 26 Premium presets for Arturia’s Pigments 4
      • Inspired by sounds of film scores from the 80s
      • Wide variety of sounds: Leads, Bass, Pads, Keys, Sequences, Arpeggios

      *drums used in track audio demo are not included with the presets