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      • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that support the wav file format
      • Organized as 3 construction kits
      • A wide variety of one loops to choose from like Bass, Arps, Leads, Pads, & SFX 
      • Offered as a complete bundle of 57 loops


      Retrowave Melodics is a collection of musical and atmospheric loops that recall the syrupy sounds and textures of the 80s. Recorded direct to VHS and 4-track tape machines, the sequenced phrases, mellow chords, and hovering pads deliver the lofi fondness of coming of age. This collection showcases an eclectic variety of both melodic and ambient synth passages which can be naturally layered together or added in a mix to provide intimate warmth to your compelling, emotive production.


      Rapture - Cinematic Hits

      • 57 x 24/441 loops
      • Organized by Type/Key/Tempo
      • 375+ mb