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      • Premium presets for Newfangled Audio's Generate
      • Emphasis on ethereal, ambient, evolving, & massive sounds
      • Complex routing schemes of LFO, S&H, & MPE for evolving sounds
      • Categorized by type: Atmosphere, Drone, Pad, Soundscape, and Texture
      • 25 Presets designed with expressiveness in mind  
      • Enhanced sound manipulation with MPE mappings. 


      Interstellar - Presets for Generate
      Find yourself suddenly launched into deep space with Interstellar. These 25 original presets offer epic expanses dressed up and ready for Generate’s variable path of chaos, modulation, and FX.

      • If you like: huge spectral spaces; epic vibes; film scores; big sounds
      • Use in: cinematic scores, ambient productions, big breaks


      • 25 Presets categorized by type Atmosphere, Drone, Pad, Soundscape, and Texture

      *These 25 presets work in Generate with or without an MPE controller.