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      • Offered as 32 Premium presets for Tasty Chips Electronics' GR-1 
      • Featuring long and evolving loops (30-60 seconds)
      • Wide variety of source material ie. Buchla Synths, Cassette tapes, wildlife, Vintage Synths, etc.



      Studio producers and cinema soundtrack gurus consider the flexibility of granular synthesis a must have for creating unique sound forms. Particles is a collection of 32 presets for Tasty Chips Electronics’ GR-1, where each sample is prepped for the hands-on control this dream synth is known for.

      Boasting an eclectic range of source recordings taken of Buchla synthesizers, vintage cassettes, and urban fieldwork, Particles will shine either slightly modified or mangled into chaos, ready for deep electronic film scores and experimental genres. Playing chords results in rich granular harmonic clouds, creating epic otherworldly sounds useful in all types of sound design.

      Some kind words from our friends at Tasty Chips Electronics about our new pack for the GR-1:

      "'s a delightful experience I must say. You made good use of loops, the delay effect, even the sub oscillator at various points. There is a single plop in some samples, which actually adds a bit of life. Very nice touch. Some of the melody samples turn into harmonies. Some patches seem to push grain stealing to exploit the periodic oscillating behavior when hitting max grains per voice. Which can be a nice thing, definitely."



      Particles - Presets for GR-1

      • 32 Presets
      • 85+ MB
      • 30-70 Seconds in length source material
      • Intriguing source material perfect for cinematic mediums

      *audio demos in YouTube video  and audio in SoundCloud demos have added reverb for dramatization...we love the GR-1 but we especially love it with our assortment of reverb pedals.