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      • Available in wav file format OR virtual cassettes for Robotic Bean's Portatron
      • A wide variety of loops to choose from like Arp, Beats, Bass, Drones, & Pads 
      • Offered as a complete bundle of 300+ loops or a PortaPack for Portatron consisting of 40 Cassettes & 140+ loops
      • Wide variety of keys and tempos


      The best suspense and action thrillers stay right on the outer edge of reality, relying on the tension of the unknown. Syndicate 2123 brings fresh, gripping sounds to the table, with a collection of 308 emotive loops that cross the threshold of predictability.

      Created with a pure signal path of hardware synthesizers, vintage guitar pedals, and studio rack equipment, these loops pack the dynamics and depth needed for your next captivating cinematic release. A wide variety of dark melodies, ambient textures, and intense progressions comprise a storehouse of epic dystopian sounds fit for studio production, cinematic scoring, and game composition. This collection also includes construction kits with breakout elements featured in the loops–bass, leads, pads, beats, drones, and special effects the creative composer can employ to build forceful original scenes and sequences.

      • Sounds like: cinematic, dark , soundtrack 
      • Use in: game/movie projects


      Syndicate 2123 - Distressed Cinema

      • 308 x 24/441 total loops
      • 148 Loops in construction kits + 160 Independent loops
      • Tempos 90 - 120
      • 1.89 Gb

      Syndicate 2123 - Distressed Cinema for Portatron

      • Compatible with Robotic Bean’s Portratron
      • A wide variety of loops to choose from like Arp, Beats, Bass, Drones, & Pads
      • Offered as a complete bundle of 40 Cassettes & 140+ loops
      • Wide variety of tempos and keys