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      • Offered as 50 Premium presets for Audio Damage's Quanta VST / iPad Quanta OR a collection of 32 "Reels" with embedded cue points designed specifically for the Make Noise Morphagene
      • Featuring long and evolving loops (30-60 seconds)
      • Enhanced sound manipulation with MPE mappings.** 

      *microSD version is sold as a downloadable product to be used on a microSD card of your liking.

      **we used our preferred MPE controller the Sensel Morph in making these presets. Although an MPE controller is by no means required to use the presets, we find that the added expression brought by a MPE controller is simply incredible.


      Anaaj : Granular Vol. 2
      Profound mantras diffusing through the heavens,
      transcending earthly obstacles to reach absolute reality and its planes.

      What began as a quest for enlightened sound swelled into a deep, fluid diffusion of powerful sonic buildups, psychedelic textures, and trance inducing drones. These elemental, human recordings supply endless inspiration for meditative panoramas, and they are unendingly flexible within your favorite modular device.

      These high resolution tracks and associated presets are available for both Audio Damage’s Quanta and as “Reels” for Make Noise’s Morphagene. In their original forms, these exotic recordings make for deep, mysterious pads and heavy sound layers rich with Hindustani vibe.

      Anaaj is an organic recording of a seasoned guru, completed in a single take. We positioned microphones to capture the hum and drone of the instrument and the peaceful meditation of the vocalist in a musical, natural way. This pure experience provides a lush soundscape for live and studio applications alike, whether you’re seeking a sound like the sunrise or taking a descent into the deep.

      Then we split each of these stereo loops into three shorter sections and subtly mixed them as sends on top of other loops in the collection. The original loops (multitrack) are accessible individually in addition to the layered, mixed loops.

      Simple to access, Anaaj is immediately mesmerizing as you access the soundware. The possibilities for your compositions will deepen as you let Anaaj bring another dimension to your production noir.

      Once plugged into your modular system or Quanta, explore enlightened ways to modulate, filter, and chop this meditative mantra into something even more mysterious and new


      Anaaj : Granular Vol. 2 for Audio Damage's Quanta

      • 50 Presets
      • 822+ MB
      • 30-60 Seconds in length
      • Organized by Type

      *Compatible with both iOS and Desktop versions of Audio Damage Quanta although we recommend a later model iPad. We tested these presets on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 14.2. 
      *Please note that some of the presets were not designed or intended to track perfectly and/or chromatically to a typical key bed. These presets in particular were designed to be used as soundscapes and or textures on which a melodic tone or sequence would typically live. In addition...these presets really come alive with the use of the Sensel Morph and Buchla overlay as was our vision.

      Anaaj : Granular Vol. 2 - microSD Card

      • 32 x 24/48 total Reels
      • Compatible with hardware samplers that support the wav file format in stereo 32 Bit 48 KHz resolution & accepts microSD cards.
      • Embedded cue points precisely cut to a grid and written to files for easy loop manipulation and seamless playback.
      • Tested with the latest firmwares available at the time of this writing for the Morphagene
      • File Size ≈ 980+ mb
      • 60 Seconds minimum file length