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      • Offered as 60 Ableton Live 10 & 11 Instrument Racks or 60 Logic Pro X 10.5 Instrument Channel Strips. 
      • Chromatically sampled sounds; one sample per note
      • Sampled from analog modular, mono, and poly synthesizers
      • Both versions offer extensive use of the included effects found in Ableton Live 10 & 11 and Logic Pro X 10.5
      • Enhanced sound manipulation with MPE mappings.** 

      **we used our preferred MPE controller the Sensel Morph in making these presets. Although an MPE controller is by no means required to use the presets, we find that the added expression brought by a MPE controller is simply incredible. MPE Capabilities only available for Ableton Live 11 and Logic Pro X 10.5 Versions. 


      Analog Essentials for Ableton Live 10 & 11 & Logic Pro X 10.5

      Analog Essentials was created with a straightforward ambition: to extend the frontiers of modern synthesis. The classic analog machines of history were meant for so much more than we’ve been using them. It is time to press forward. 

      The classic sounds of vintage synthesizers have filled the airwaves for years, and the sound market is full of digital simulations and samples of those nostalgic tones. Analog Essentials offers instead a more cultivated and mature encounter: a collection of chromatically sampled synthesizers refined with unique effects primed for boutique outboard MPE manipulation. The result is a surprising discovery of something you never imagined might become by touching that key.

      Not a digital simulation or approximation, Analog Essentials is a collection of faithfully sampled Eurorack modular, vintage analog mono synths, and modern analog poly synthesizers. Outboard processing was done by hand in real time using a variety of studio equipment including analog tape machines, 4 track recorders, and dozens of analog modulation sources and effects. 

      No algorithms or software manipulations were used in the entire process, so what you have is an absolutely irreproducible palette of emerging sounds. Because we sampled vintage analog gear, we were able to capture all the priceless imperfections that give these beauties their character: the grit and grime of old analog, the wobble and timing of tape loops, and the unexpected panning of boutique modulation sources. 

      While you’ll find Analog Essentials conveniently playable within the comfort of your keybed, that is where the familiarity ends and the creativity begins. Each note brings from the classic sound source a completely fresh variant ready to serve your production masterpiece. Employing a wide range of tonal, timbral, and time-based sculpting, we revitalized the old leads, pads, and basses into a richer form. In your discerning hands they may become a delicate wash, a looming thunder, or any other unpredictable articulation of mood.

      Analog Essentials is now available for Ableton Live 10 & 11* / Logic Pro X 10.5 and is pre-mapped with MPE controls. This gives you freedom to add bends, slides, and pressure per note, allowing unique control over the development of each sound as it is played in real time. Take this expressive feature deeper by customizing  the MPE controls to your liking and further editing the MPE controls in their  individual lanes. Both the Ableton Live and Logic Pro X versions include individual presets for their samplers, and they each offer loads of native plugin effects so you can expand on the presets.

      Within our designed Ableton Instrument Racks and Logic Pro Channel Strips, there are tons of reverb, delay, resonators, EQ, compression, distortion and tape saturation effects to get you quickly turning Analog Essentials into sounds uniquely your own. This collection is a real catharsis experience, empowering you to command emerging soundscapes, determine heavy moods, and author relevant storylines.

      *MPE Capabilities only available for Ableton Live 11 and Logic Pro X 10.5 Versions


      Analog Essentials For Ableton Live 10 & 11

      • 60 Instrument Rack Presets with MPE*
      • 60 Instrument Rack Presets without MPE
      • 4 Instrument Rack Selector (Bass, Drones, Leads, and Pads)
      • 1 Sample per Note recorded
      • Macro Controls on all Instrument Racks
      • over 9.25 Gb of Chromatically Sampled Synthesizers
      • MPE mapped instrument racks + Non MPE Instrument Racks

      *MPE Capabilities only available for Ableton Live 11

      Analog Essentials For Logic Pro X 10.5

      • 60 Sampler Presets
      • 60 “Fully Loaded” Channel Strip Presets
      • 1 Sample per Note recorded
      • Bass, Drones, Leads, and Pads
      • over 9.25 Gb of Chromatically Sampled Synthesizers
      • MPE mappings for all Presets