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      • 20+ Guitars and amp combos used
      • Wide span of tempos and keys
      • Construction Kit format presented with FX, Dry, and DI Signal
      • Sections broken down into song format: Intro – Verse – Chorus – Bridge – Outro – Beds with 4+ loops per section
      • 1,200+ loops on Platinum Tier offering a wide range of styles and tones suitable for virtually any genre
      • Loops uniquely offered with “tails” as a separate file to correct for sudden effect drop outs typical of loop formats
      • Bonus content includes a wide variety of guitar soundscapes/sound beds and sessions fully setup with Echo Park loops to get you jump started.


      Echo Park – Indie Pop Guitars was meticulously sound designed with contemporary genres in mind and features a blend of inspiration from the vibrant Echo Park neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA.

      The Echo Park library is a perfect companion for producers, film/tv composers and songwriters across genres who are looking for inspiration along with studio quality sounds to complete their vision.

      This library features a collection of truly unique and inspiring electric guitar loops arranged in song formats where users can pick and choose what suits them best.
      Echo Park includes 3 versions of each part: FX, Dry, and DI. In addition to the loops, you will also have access to dozens of Ampire XT presets specifically designed to work with the included DI loops.


      Offered in 3 Tiers


      • 600+ Mono/Stereo FX Loops


      • 600+ Mono/Stereo FX Loops
      • 300+ Dry Loops


      • 600+ Mono/Stereo Effected Loops
      • 300+ Dry Loops
      • 300+ DI Loops


      **All 3 versions include the FX loops which come with a separate file consisting of its effect tail. Having the tail as a separate file allows for a seamless loop, allowing for the effect in one loop to continue into the next.**