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      • Organized as a song construction kit
      • Synth loops, Synth 1 shots, Pad loops, String loops
      • Guitar loops (3 sources= FX, DRY, and DI), Guitar 1 shots, Guitar SFX
      • Drum loops and Drum SFX
      • Multiple keys and tempos



      Experience the quintessential Synth POP sound of droning synthesizers, melodic loops, and classic drum sounds. Atmospheric and electronic, ride the sound waves of clean synth hooks layered with the infectious SonalSynth Pop sounds.

      Sold as 10 individual packs or a complete bundle, an assortment of analog synths compile part of the rich SonalSynth Pop loop library, while resonating guitars and timeless drum sounds compile the rest.
      Presented as a construction kit and arranged in song format, the extensive SonalSynth Pop library supports ease of use and quick workflow, allowing new ideas to evolve quickly with this vast selection of choice sounds.

      SonalSynth Pop kits are sure to animate any tune with contagious melodies, diversify any genre with rhythmic beats, and solidify any song with classic indie pop chord structures.


      Offered in 10 Packs or as a complete bundle

      Sonal Synth POP 01 - FM State

      • Tempo: 120 BPM
      • Key: C#Major
      • 65 x 24-Bit wavs

      Sonal Synth POP 02 - Pacific Sunset

      • Tempo: 110 BPM
      • Key: F Major
      • 75 x 24-Bit wavs

      Sonal Synth POP 03 - Desolation Road

      • Tempo: 105 BPM
      • Key: A Minor
      • 91 x 24-Bit wavs

      Sonal Synth POP 04 - Suburban Dawn

      • Tempo: 128 BPM
      • Key: A Minor
      • 104 x 24-Bit wavs

      Sonal Synth POP 05 - Midnight Ride

      • Tempo: 90 BPM
      • Key: A Major
      • 115 x 24-Bit wavs

      Sonal Synth POP 06 - Leave California

      • Tempo: 122 BPM
      • Key: C Major
      • 69 x 24-Bit wavs

      Sonal Synth POP 07 - Green Horizon

      • Tempo: 130 BPM
      • Key: G Major
      • 90 x 24-Bit wavs

      Sonal Synth POP 08 - Desert Drive

      • Tempo: 128 BPM
      • Key: D Minor
      • 86 x 24-Bit wavs

      Sonal Synth POP 09 - Plastic Planet

      • Tempo: 114 BPM
      • Key: C Major
      • 71 x 24-Bit wavs

      Sonal Synth POP 10 - Artificial Person

      • Tempo: 126 BPM
      • Key: E Minor
      • 69 x 24-Bit wavs

      Sonal Synth POP - Complete Bundle

      • 835 x 24-Bit wavs


      To create a well equipped Synth POP library, we procured a variety of innovative machines by manufacturers like:

      Casio, Digitech, Fender Guitars, Fender Bass, Fulltone, Gretsch, Heet, Oberheim, Roland, Teenage Engineering, Yamaha, Moog, Alesis, EMU, Ensoniq, Sequential Circuits